User Report

Look up a user on Twitter. See what they have to say. See what people say about them.

See how people use Twitter, and how Twitter users them...

You can look at Twitter as a stream of thoughts flying by, or you can look for patterns in them. The User Report attempts to look at the world of a Twitter user in aggregate, rather than one tweet at a time. There are really two aspects to a User's life -- the tweets they send, and the tweets other people send that mention the user. This report looks at both of these aspects.

For the user herself, we are interested in how many tweets she sends, what kind of tweets they are (new tweets, replies, or retweets), and what topics they tweet on. For the twitterverse in general, we're interested in what they have to say about or to the user. There are a variety of metrics that you can look at to analyze a Twitter user, and I've tried to put the most useful into this report.