A photo viewing application for Twitter

About Pictura

Pictura is an application that lets you find pictures (both photos and the new short "vine" videos) that match your search terms and then displays them in the browser.

To use it, you first enter a search term. Pictura looks for all tweets that match that term and also have pictures (or vine videos) and then presents those pictures in a slide show. The search will return up to 100 pictures.

When the results have been found, the slide show starts. It shows each picture for about 10 seconds before advancing to the next one; 10 seconds was picked to allow vine videos to load and cycle through. If you press the "fast" button it will longer only 2 seconds on each video, which is enough to see the still of a video but not see the play back.

The other controls allow you to stop the automated playback, return it to slow mode, or move backwards and forwards manually. Note that advancing manually does not stop the automated advancement.

The name is inspired by Ikea's love of sticking vowels at the end of its product names and when there's already a vowel, changing it for no good reason. Thus, picture -> pictura.